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For a list of all candidates (contested & uncontested) running for Champaign County level offices, click here

For a list of all candidates (contested & uncontested) running for Illinois State and Federal level offices, click here.


In a Primary Election you may only select the ballot for one party, Republican or Democratic. This is not a declaration of party affiliation, but it does mean that you can only vote for candidates from the party who’s ballot you selected. Because of this, only specific candidates are contested. The winners of the Primary Election will go on to be included on the General Election ballot later in the year.

For each election, even Primary Elections, there are a wide variety of different races up for election — ranging from IL Governor, to US Congress, to Champaign County Board, and everywhere in between. However, many of these races are uncontested with only 1 or 0 candidates running for that seat. This can happen for a variety of different reasons, but in these races there is only one choice, the person running.


For our voter information guide, we only feature detailed information on the Contested Candidates in county, state, and federal races. As those are the ones where your vote WILL make a difference. 

In addition to these races, there are also people running to be Democratic or Republican precinct committee people. Those elected as a precinct committeeperson work to elect officers in their respective party. These precincts are small and can often be very difficult to locate candidate contact information. For these reasons we do not currently cover precinct committee people in the candidate guide. However, we are open for comments & suggestions.

If you would like to see a list of all the candidates running for Champaign County level offices, click here. For a list of all the Illinois State and Federal candidates, click here.

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