Christopher Stohr

Christopher Stohr

Democrat Party

Champaign County Board - District 10 Candidate

Questions & Answers

For the November 2018 Election

What is the importance of the County Board to your constituents in Champaign County?

The Champaign County Board is charged with oversight for several functions such as the offices of the Sheriff, States Attorney, and Courthouse who are the chief law enforcement officials. The County Board can promote alternatives to incarceration to mental/behavioral/treatment services through funding and collaboration of government agencies.

The Board oversees the work of the records management; and election and taxing authority for the county. Lastly the Board also oversees maintenance of highways, veteran’s assistance, environment and land use, facilities maintenance, and economic development for the county.

A member serves the interest of the whole county as well as the district from which they were elected. The board is a fundamental unit of government often it is closest to and most affects the residents of the county. I am currently engaged in reducing racial disparity in criminal justice, reducing incarceration, and promoting mental health and substance abuse services for our community.

What is a key policy difference between you and your Opponent?

I am not yet familiar with Ms. Maria Vasquez’s positions.

The County Board is responsible for a yearly budget of nearly $130 million. How would prioritize this money, and are there any parts of the current budget you would change?

The County Board has authority for about $43 million of which the major portion is personnel and designated programs such as elections/recording/taxing services, highways, veterans assistance, and mental health. There are modest discretionary funds which can be used for facilities maintenance, replacement of obsolete software running on a mainframe computer, repayment of debt, and other obligations. Within these discretionary funds I support funding goals of the Racial Justice Task Force, reduction of incarceration, promoting programs that reduce suffering from opioid addiction and substance abuse, re-entry of released inmates, and economic development.

Is there anything else you would like to say to an undecided voter in Champaign County?

Through the 35+ years that we have lived in Champaign County I have worked with a neighborhood organization, city, county and state officials and agencies to rid criminal activity from a city park and down-zoning to preserve owner-occupied character of an old part of Urbana. I have worked to promote sustainable economic growth with the Urbana Plan Commission and continue working with a mental health group at the Champaign County Satellite Jail to provide peer support for those struggling with mental and behavioral health problems.

I would encourage residents to contact their elected officials to ask for information or express an opinion about issues before the county board or if there are issues which need attention.