Ginny Holder

Ginny Holder

Republican Party

County Board - District 7 Candidate

Questions & Answers

For the November 2018 Election

What is the importance of the County Board to your constituents in Champaign County?

My constituents pay taxes and benefit from resources the County Board allocates to a variety of county projects and issues. It might be a road, the renovation of our county’s jail or policy which may impact any citizen of our county at some time. As a County Board candidate or elected official, it is my job to listen to the constituents and their concerns.

What is a key policy difference between you and your Opponent?

I have yet to meet my opponent or read his policy positions. Therefore, it would not be appropriate to make assumptions regarding our differences. My philosophy for this race is fiscal responsibility and social sensitivity. Our community needs to maintain a balance.

The County Board is responsible for a yearly budget of nearly $130 million. How would prioritize this money, and are there any parts of the current budget you would change?

After the finalization of the nursing home sale, I would hope the board would be capable of using the funds used for the nursing home and redirect them to the jail project or any other major capital item needing attention. The social justice issue also require resources, however, a complete and responsible plan needs to be in place to make responsible use of our resources. I cannot intelligently comment more specifically until I am a part of the process and privy to all information.

Is there anything else you would like to say to an undecided voter in Champaign County?

I pledge to truly listen to the facts from all sides of any and all issues. I am opposed to wasting time on party affiliation and believe we can all work better together. We do not have to always agree with one another, but I am hopeful we can find a sense of respect and compromise.