Our Mission

The Champaign County Voters Alliance (or CCVA) is a local non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the Voter Turnout in Champaign County by as much as possible. In doing so we hope to create a more representative democracy of citizens.

As an organization, we are strictly nonpartisan. We strive to invite all political opinions to the table for an open and honest discussion of what it means to be a citizen of this county. We strive to educate the citizens of this county on the options they have available to them. We will not endorse any specific candidate.

If you have any questions for us, or if you would like to volunteer, please email:  info@votechampaign.org

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This calendar has a variety of Republican, Democrat, and Progressive Independent local events.

Thank you to CU Progressive (and Jeannie Covert & WEFT). They have put together a calendar of local progressive events.

Thank you to the Champaign GOP for providing a calendar of some of their upcoming events.

If you have more community events to add, please send them in. calendar@votechampaign.org

Information Center

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and we are not trying to promote one source over another, but we feel this will give you a starting place to find a variety of options for local & state-level political news coverage.

Champaign County News

State Political News


If you have a go-to local news source that we missed, please email suggestions to info@votechampaign.org. We’d be glad to have your input. Thanks!

Change starts with YOU
Show your elected officials that YOUR VOICE MATTERS, and take the pledge to VOTE in the upcoming Illinois General Election.

If you live outside of Champaign County and would like help forming a Voter Alliance for your county, please contact james@votechampaign.org